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Mindfulness Retreat

There is only a last space left for August, therefore we are organising a second retreat in September.

17-22 August 2024 and 10-15 September 2024

Guided by the experienced teachers Stan Verspyck and Pieter Loogman you can join a pleasant mindfulness retreat at Simply Canvas Farm in France.

This mindfuless retreat in France is a unique chance to bring peace and relaxation to your body and mind in an environment that offers balance and nature. Join this mindfulness retreat to look a little bit deeper into yourself. In the beautiful nature of the Dordogne you will learn about the practice of mindfulness coming from the tradition of Plum Village of zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. You will meet people who have been practicing mindfulness for many years and have designed their lives acorrding to this practice. Stan, will also bring his guitar for a class of mantra singing. In short it is a beautiful retreat to relax and come back to yourself. The languages spoken during this retreat are Dutch and English.

Reserve your space for August

Reserve your space for September

Program of the mindfulness retreat

On arrival day we will dine together on the terrace of Simply Canvas Farm. This is also the moment where you will meet the other participants. The following days there will be a pleasant program including meditation, walks, mindfulness practices, group discussions and singing. If possible you will spend the part of a day at the Buddhist monastery of Thich Nhat Hanh, Plum Village.

On the last day we will have breakfast together after which you are free to leave or to stay some extra days to enjoy the surroundings of Simply Canvas Farm.


The experienced and inspiring teacher Stanislas Verspyck (Stan) will guide you this retreat. Stan (born in 1969) has spent many years in Plum Village, the monastery of Thich Nhat Hanh and mindfulness plays an important role in his daily live. He traveled extensively in India and has a wide experience in mindfulness, advaita, meditation and mantra singing. You can count on a pleasant guidance by Stan. Stan is French, but fluent in English and he will teach in English as well (if you are Dutch you only need to understand English, there is also translation to English present).

There is a beautiful bonus, Stan plays the guitar, so you can count on campfires with singing and a special experience like mantra singing.

Stan: "I love to create a space in which people can discover and show who they really are. Because of my many years of experience with mindfulness I can help to calm the mind and embrace the inner child that we all carry within. This can be quite challenging. During this retreat we walk the path together and I will take you by the hand to dive into the depth and silence."

Pieter Loogman

Pieter has been practicing mindfulness for over 23 years in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. For 10 years he was an editor of "De Klankschaal" the Dutch Mindfulness Bell, a magazine that appears in The Netherlands and Belgium. He translated two books of Thich Nhat Hanh in Dutch. Pieter followed the mindfulness trainer course and offers mindfulness workshops to police officers. He integrates mindfulness in his daily life and that is what the practice is meant for, according to Pieter. The practice needs to be able to be applied in your daily life. This is called "applied Buddhism". In his daily life Pieter is an English teacher (he will offer translation if necessary for Dutch People).

Hosts Sandra & Santi

Mindfulness plays an important role in the daily lives of hosts Sandra and Santi. There is a lot of space for peace and quiet and they live their lives with reverence and in collaboration with nature. They will bring you on a tour of the land which is designed according to the permaculture and food forest principles and they will share about the choices they made to live a mindful daily life in connection with yourself and with nature. Sandra and Santi were themselves nun and monk in the monastery of Thich Nhat Hanh and have over 30 years of experience in mindfulness and meditation. It is from this background that they started Simply Canvas Farm. A place where you can reconnect with yourself and with nature. On top of that they offer delicious meals with lots of vegetables and flowers from their garden.

This retreat is accessible for all

You don't need to have any experience in meditation or mindfulness or the practice. The importance is that you bring yourself and an open heart. Be welcome and feel at home at Simply Canvas Farm and meet other like-minded people.

A limited amount of places is available for this retreat, so make sure to reserve on time.




Your accommodation:

Stay in a big safari tent or a holiday home or for people with a smaller budget, you can also bring your own tent or van.

Practical information for the Mindfulness Retreat

Dates: 17-22 August and 10-15 September

­• Cost: €740 including 3 meals a day, workshops, practices and meditations, stay in a shared 2-person safari tent (or pay an additional €150 for your own safari tent). Including bed linen and towels (you bring your own towels for the pool).

­• Bring your own tent or van €640 (you bring your own bed linen and towels, you share a bathroom with a few other people).

­• Often people stay a few extra nights to enjoy the pool or surroundings. Extra nights €70 per person including breakfast.

­• Bring comfortable clothing and shoes to walk.

­• Excluding your trip to Simply Canvas

­• Address: Simply Canvas Farm, 748 Chemin du Charrier, Lieu dit Bonac, 47120 Saint Jean de Duras (close toBergerac).

Click here to reserve your spot or send us an email to hello@simplycanvasfarm.com.

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