The beautiful world of flower essences

As long as I remember I have been surrounded my flowers. Dating back to even before 1650 my ancestors have been tree and flower growers. I loved nothing better than making soup out of mud, flowers and grass in the back yard. We garden organically and according to permaculture and agroforestry principles. Our land has become alive and healthy again. On our journey to work together with nature on our land, we have started to make flower essences. The magic work of the plant world is that they are able to harmonize a disbalance, not only for themselves, but also for others. And, which is even greater, we can catch the messages that the plants and flowers have for us, in water. We can take drops of these flower essences, so that plants and flowers can share their harmonizing abilities with us. 

Flower Essences work a little bit like homeopathic medicine. They don't smell (they are not essential oils), but they work with the message of plants and flowers. And they have amazing stories to tell. The essence of bramble flowers is the pioneer. As a plant she is one of the first to arrive in a field where you stop mowing. Her thorns protect young trees and plants against nibbling deer and hares. As an essence she helps you when you have arrived on a new point in your life. She protects you and encourages you at the same time to slowly continue your path.

There is so much to share on flower essences that we made a separate website for them www.scfessences.com (Simply Canvas Farm Essences)

Plant and flower messages

With a little bit of silence and a good imagination it is quite easy to experience a message of a plant. Just close your eyes and imagine yourself being on the edge of a lotus pond with a hot cup of lemon balm tea. Peace will flow through you easily. Or walk through a meadow of wild flowers and it won’t be long before your playful inner child will join you. Are you in need of deep grounding, insight and strength, you will find help leaning with your back against the trunk of an old oak tree.

All flowers, trees and plants are able to help us with a personal message. We are able to retrieve these messages within our flower essences. We make essences with wild flowers from the meadow of our field or of other special places like a very old oak tree in Britany, the pilgrimage place of Lourdes or a special line of water lily essences from a beautiful garden, which you won’t find anywhere else.

Flower Essences for...

Flower essences are safe for adults and children. We also have an alcohol-free line of essences. Besides flower essence drops we make Sweet Blossom candies with flower essences, great to always carry with you.

Flower essences support to harmonize disbalances on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. Each essence in their own way and with their own story. You can read more about essences on our website SCF Essences, which is completely dedicated to our remedies.

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