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Digital Detox Retreat Holiday in South West France





Let’s Connect Offline: Digital Detox Retreat Holiday in the French Countryside

July 16-21 

Disconnect from your phone and other digital distractions and go to a place where the campfire crackles, the hammocks gently sway and the food is delicious. Join us for a Digital Detox to Simply Canvas Farm in Southwest France. 

Is your head also filled with too much information? Do you spend too much time scrolling endlessly before going to sleep? Do you need to schedule time for yourself in an already packed agenda? 

It's time to surrender your phone, stand barefoot in the grass, and spend a few days without plans, without obligations. Clear your mind and recharge with a digital detox holiday.

Finally finish reading that book. 

We understand how your daily life can be too full and hectic with work stress, personal appointments and overloads of information every day. Doesn't it sound lovely to exit onto a country road for a change? To slow down to a snail's pace and walk into your day screen-free without a to-do list and agenda? Come to Simply Canvas Farm, located in the French countryside and surrounded by nature, you can enjoy a perfect Digital Detox Holiday. Finally finish reading that book in a hammock.


Together with The Offline Getaway, we are organising the first international edition to go offline for five days on our permaculture farm in France. There's no daily schedule, you don't have to organise anything or be anywhere on time. Do whatever you feel like, or do nothing, it's up to you. The only goal is to slow down and clear your mind. 

The program of no program

We take care of the offline experience for you, the meals, and a beautiful location, all without a set program. Precisely because your daily life is already full so we don’t want to replace it with another loaded retreat schedule. You can do whatever you want. Live in the moment!

Start writing your book, take a siesta by the pool and gaze at the starst by the campfire. Or wander down to a slow-paced village from the 12th century on market day, where the elderly discuss the week's gossip and enjoy fresh croissants at the café or taste wine at a local vineyard.

There is plenty to do

Without a set program, you'll see that creativity starts flowing quickly and something fun might just spontaneously happen. Join in for a morning meditation, cuddle with the pig Maya, or perhaps one of the other guests will offer a yoga class. You can also swim in the river or visit Bergerac. For that, you'll need transportation, but that usually works out fine. Come by car, ride with one of the fellow guests, or book an affordable transfer through us. Leave it to chance and do what you feel like on that day. If you'd like to know what other fun things you can do in the area around Simply Canvas Farm, take a look here

A Collaboration with The Offline Getaway from The Offline Club

Are you familiar with The Offline Getaway? With them, you can go offline for a weekend somewhere in the Netherlands. They also host shorter digital detox escapes in cities, as The Offline Club. Do a bit of knitting, chat with a stranger or catch up on some reading in a nice cafe with fellow digital detoxers. It was only natural to organise an international version and Simply Canvas Farm in France is the perfect place. 

The faces behind The Offline Getaway

Jordy, Valentijn, and Ilya are the faces behind The Offline Getaway and The Offline Club. When they realised that their moments of peace were becoming scarcer and that they didn't have enough time for the things that truly mattered, they started The Offline Getaway and The Offline Club, for themselves and for others. 

The Power of Digital Detox in Nature

Excessive screen time has a negative impact on our mental and physical health. Our ability to concentrate is affected, and problems like sleep issues, eye strain, and stress can arise. Spending time in nature clears our minds - your head becomes clearer and there is often a greater sense of connection. Unwinding, slowing down, and taking a break is good for your health. 

Phone policy: Don't get stressed 

On this digital detox vacation, you will hand in your phone. Are you feeling slightly stressed about five days without a phone and computer? That's not the intention, of course. We understand that you sometimes need to hear the voices of your children and partner. Or that you, as a self-employed entrepreneur, may need to answer emails for half an hour. That's okay. We'll have a designated spot where the Wi-Fi and your phone will be available for one hour each day. Or even better, just bring your partner along.

Your stay at Simply Canvas Farm

Nature is at the core of Simply Canvas Farm. We (Sandra and Santi) garden according to food forest and permaculture principles. We are very familiar with Digital Detox moments in our lives. We both lived as a monk and nun in a Buddhist Monastery for years, completely screen-free. At our farm in Southwest France, many inspiring facilitators come for retreats or are teen holidays, and now also Digital Detox weeks. 

You'll sleep in six beautifully furnished safari tents with private bathrooms or in one of the three houses. If you have a smaller budget, you can also bring your own tent

Delicious food is, of course, taken care of

These five days are all-inclusive, and you will be treated to delicious meals three times a day. Sandra and Santi are known for their culinary skills using lots of edible flowers, local and organic vegetables, and products from their own garden. The meals are vegetarian during your stay. There is a large common area (the former cowshed) where you can make herbal tea all day for free (you can pick the herbs yourself in the garden), and there are cookies to enjoy with your tea. From the "honesty fridge," you can grab soft drinks, wine, and ice cream, and make delicious cappuccinos (we settle these affordable extras at the end of the week). But you can also buy your own snacks or wine nearby - there are refrigerators where you can store your items. 


We can accommodate quite a few allergies. Discuss them with us beforehand. Would you like to eat gluten-free? That's possible, we charge an extra €5 per day for this. 

Sandra and Santi




Prices, Accommodation, and Practical Information Digital Detox Holiday

Date: June Digital Detox Holiday: Tuesday, July 16 to Sunday, July 21 (5 nights). Arrival day Tuesday after 4:00 PM, departure Saturday after breakfast. 

Accommodations and prices: 

• In a shared double safari tent: €695 

• In a single room in a house: €770 (you share the house with someone else, who also has their own room. You share the bathroom with the same person). 

• As a couple in a private house €770 per person. • In a single safari tent: €870. 

• Bring your own tent or camper: €570. 

You can book extra nights at €70 per night or €30 in your own tent, including breakfast. 

Family Digital Detox 

In July, the digital detox holiday is also available for families with young adults from 14 years old and up. For a third and fourth person in the accommodation, you pay an additional €450 per person. The prices include full board (three meals per day). 

Vegetarian meals are provided. Excluding your travel to us.

The Journey and Accessibility

We are easily accessible by public transport and by car:


High-speed train to Bordeaux (allow about an hour in Paris to change trains), then take the regular train to Sainte Foy la Grande (10 minutes from us, we will arrange a transfer for the last part. This journey takes approximately 8 to 9 hours in total.

By car

It is 1100 km from Utrecht. At the beginning of the Digital Detox week, we will create a WhatsApp group for those who want to carpool.


Check flixbus.com for departure locations. Take the bus to Bordeaux and from Bordeaux Saint Jean train station to Sainte Foy la Grande train station, where we can arrange a transfer for you. The Flixbus is the cheapest option but also the longest (almost 20 hours).


Fly with Transavia from Rotterdam to Bergerac (30 minutes from us), and for the last part, we can arrange a transfer for an additional cost. Or fly to Bordeaux and then take a bus to the train station and take the train to Sainte Foy La Grande from which you take a transfer to our place.


From Sainte Foy la Grande and Bergerac, you will need a transfer to our place. We work with a specific person for this service. The cost from Bergerac is €45 for 1-4 people and an additional €15 for more people (if others arrive at the same time, you can split the cost), and from Sainte Foy la Grande, it is €30 for 1-4 people.

Reserve your digital detox vacation.

If you have any questions, message us via the WhatsApp button on the website or email us at hello@simplycanvasfarm.com. You can book directly online with us.

Julie Digital Detox Vakantie

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