Volunteer Weeks

From 13-20 April Volunteer work at Simply Canvas Farm in France (no costs, 6 hours of work a day)

In the first spring sun we are going to do the odd job like gardening, handy stuff, painting and more. Or join in for some good food, ping pong contests and hanging out around the camp fire.

There are many little things to do, but it is also dependent on what you have to offer us. There is lots of cleaning to do in the garden, starting up the veggie garden, work in the new young orchard, painting jobs, some carpentry, fencing. For the very handy people there is also space for little projects. We work from 9-12 in the morning and 3-6 in the afternoon.

What we Ask 

We are looking for independent workers who are not afraid of some physical work. You stay a minimum of one week, but of course you are welcome to join us for 2 weeks. We are open to men and women (we don’t receive children this week).

What we offer

Transfers from the trainstation in Ste Foy la Grande or the airport of Bergerac.

3 meals a day

Shared 2-person bedroom in our holiday home.

You take care of your trip to Simply Canvas (fly to Bordeaux and on with the train to Ste Foy la Grande or fly to Bergerac, where we will come and pick you up).

Want to come?

Send us an e-mail with the date you would like to come and what you enjoy doing, or what you are good at, we will try to keep this into account. The maximum number of persons for this week is 8, so it will be nice and cosy.

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