Summer holidays with teenagers and retreat & nature vacations in France

Let nature nurture you and come to empty your mind and recharge at Simply Canvas Farm. Immerse yourself in nature and go on holiday with teenagers in France at our small-scale natural place. Or come to recharge during a nice retreat vacation in France. Learn more about nature during a nature vacation with our food forest course or come dance during our active vacations in France.

Somewhere between Bordeaux and Toulouse, on the edge of the Dordogne and Lot et Garonne departments, tucked away between hills filled with sunflowers and vineyards, you will find Simply Canvas Farm where you can come for retreats and nature vacations. Life walks along gently in this calmer part of France and leisurely leads along winding paths, swaying hammocks, and crackling campfires. The food is delicious, there are idyllic medieval villages like Eymet and Duras nearby where people still say hello. The farmers' markets are full of local growers, and you can take your fresh croissants from the baker to the café to enjoy with your coffee. The perfect environment for a green and eco-friendly holiday with teenagers or to relax during a retreat.

At Simply Canvas Farm you can stay in 3 holiday homes, one of the 6 safari tents (with electricity, kitchenette, and private bathroom within a short walking distance) or our tiny house. Nature is central to us, along with delicious food. We are a permaculture farm including a food forest. You can walk around our 5-hectare property while eating figs and pears from the trees. Of course, there is a large fenced pool. Our place is located near Bergerac, Eymet, and Duras on the edge of Lot et Garonne and Dordogne in Southern France.

On holiday with teenagers, retreat vacation or active vacation

On holiday with teenagers in France 2024 from July 27 - August 10.

During the teenage holidays in France, we don't organize anything special, it's not necessary at all. But of course, it's extra fun if there are teenagers of your own age present at a small-scale holiday destination. The ages are usually between 11 and 16, you can always email to inquire about the ages of the teenagers in a particular week. Read more here. The teenage holiday in France is full of cheerfulness. It's wonderful to stay on a permaculture farm with a food forest and 5 hectares of land for swimming, hammocks, campfires, making friends, and lots of fun. We end all weeks with a campfire and marshmallows and a wish in our wishing tree. Fresh bread for breakfast is included in your holiday accommodation (you provide your own toppings).

There are plenty of great things to do in the area. You can go canoeing or swimming in the Dordogne nearby, taste a variety of wines, or visit a beautiful climbing park. There is a beautiful castle full of medieval games (Chateau de Bridoire), charming medieval bastide villages with good restaurants and farmers' markets. Eymet, Duras, Ste Foy la Grande, and Miramont de Guyenne are all within 10 minutes' drive.





The importance of emptying your mind

Santi and I have years of experience in mindfulness and meditation, as well as guiding retreats. We understand the importance of taking care of your emotional well-being. We achieve this through daily practice, making choices that enhance the quality of our lives, and also by occasionally taking a retreat or nature vacation to clear our minds. We are happy to share our experience with you. We invite various special guides to lead retreats and nature vacations. You are welcome to come and clear your mind and resource with us.

Nature Retreats and Holidays

Do you feel the need to resource yourself? You've come to the right place. We organize various mindfulness and meditation retreat holidays or retreat holidays in other areas such as mantra singing or dance. But you can also opt for a bit more activity by getting your hands dirty during a practical food forest course and learning more about nature, or by volunteering for a week in the spring.

Overview Retreats

17-22 August (guided both in English and Dutch). This mindfuless retreat in France is a unique chance to bring peace and relaxation to your body and mind in an environment that offers balance and nature.

2-7 July you can join this retreat holiday in France: Let's Connect Retreat. A retreat with meditation, bodywork, Qi Gong, breathwork, mantra singing, and intuitive dancing. Guided in English and Dutch

18-22 May Guided in Dutch. I warmly invite you to join our retreat vacation on flower essences, where we will discover and experience the whispers of nature together. This unique retreat offers a profound and enriching experience for those interested in flower essences and exploring their healing powers.

Guided in Dutch. Come to the Mindfulness Retreat from 1-6 June 2024 with the theme: What Makes You Happy? A relaxing retreat vacation to unwind in the nature of France.




Flower Essences and organic and daily support that required little time

We encourage you to explore the healing power of the flower world. The enchanting impact of flower essences lies in their ability to restore harmony. They serve as a daily soul supplement and work for our emotional and spiritual well-being. Discover the unique flower essences handmade on Simply canvas Farm and their potential to enhance your health and stability regularly. Simply incorporate a few drops into your tea or water container each day.