Our line of essences

Below you find our line of essences with extra information about them. This presentation offers a unique ability to choose your essence. Choose by intuition because you like the picture, you enjoy the title or it just attracts your attention. Go over the picture make it turn and read its description. Often this is the one for you.

At the bottom of the page you can download more information about the use of flower essences, definitions or you can go to our website scfessences.com with extensive information about flower essences.

Connection & Harmony

Rebalances & harmonizes

Lotusbloem Remedie

Light flows from the crown chakra down to the other chakras and fills them with light allowing them to rebalance and harmonize. This will also help you to harmonize you in relationship to your body and environment.


Humor, Lightness & Relief

Lilac Essence

Lilac Essence breaks through the walls with light, a sense of humor (a good laugh can fix a lot) and relief. It shows that everything is impermanent and widens your perspective.

Magic & Adventure

Letting go of Control

Bee Orchid Essence

Letting go of control to allow magic and creativity to shine


Calms the Solar Plexus & Sleep Trouble

Chamomile Essence

The Essence of Chamomile calms the solar plexus and is a great help when you have trouble falling asleep or to balance the unbalanced.

The Seer

Health & Opening of the Mind

St John's Wort Essence

Helps to cool down parts that are overheating or burning up (on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level). It opens the third eye. Works well together with the essence of Begonia (Slow Down).

Free Your Mind

Breaks Through Vicious Circles

Plantain Essence

Essence of plantain frees us from turning around in circles. It frees the mind.


Listen Deep & Wide

Lizzard Orchid Essence

Helps to find silence, to listen deeply (to find understanding) and widely (listening outside our senses)

Essence of Lourdes

Meditation, Prayer & Healing

Essence of Lourdes

Helps to take you to a quiet inner place from which healing and insight is possible.  

The essence of Lourdes has been made on the special pilgrimage place of Lourdes in France and supports you within your prayers, healing and meditation.


Licht Torch, Detox & Gives Strength

Buttercup Essence

Buttercup Remedy will function as a light bearer and make sure that you remain grounded. Helps to find to strength to face dark memories and subjects and to listen and help. Supports detoxification on an emotional, spiritual, physical and mental area.


Balance & Groundedness

Flax Flower Essence

Flax remedy balances and stabilizes an open heartedness in the body, while making you feel safe inside. It grounds the body and soul into a strong unit and from this place you are able to open your heart and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

SCF Mix First Aid

Helps with sudden shocks

SCF Mix First Aid

The First Aid mix supports on a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental level when you find yourself in a situation of heightened stress and emotions. The shock may be big or small. The shock may also be positive like a strong insight during meditation i.e.


Empathy & Deep Looking

Plow Share Orchid Essence

Plow-share orchid essence helps you to walk in the shoes of another (whether this be a person, situation, illness or point of view) and better understand their side of the story.

Energy Booster

Gives Energy

White Yarrow Essence

Weakened areas in your body/mind/projects etc. receive little nudges of energy and invitations to start doing their best again.

Strength & Joy

Happy Strength & Back Bone

Mullein Essence

The essence of the Great Mullein brings strength, backbone and support. It is a strength that keeps your heart open, with your vulnerability and joy intact. It supports the backbone.


There is Nothing to Do

Broom Rape Essence

This essence brings insight in emptiness. Every aspect in life has a role to play. There is no leader, no guide, no master. You are not the one deciding or doing. A good remedy to take daily.


Renewal & Elasticity

Red Clover Essence

The essence of red clover assists in keeping the body, mind and spirit flexible and in balance, as it helps to bring a fresh renewed energy to stuck situations, ruts, old habits etc.

Spiritual Practice

Supports your Daily Practice

SCF Mix Spiritual Practice

This essence helps to keep the fire of the strength of a daily practice burning.

It helps to ground yourself, to remember your daily practice, no matter which daily practice you follow. It helps with discipline. 


For the Inner Playful Child

White Cyclamen Essence

Brings you in contact with the inner, innocent and playful child.  Every moment or any area in our life can always use some playfulness; relationships, work, walks,

True Voice

Brings you Back to Yourself

Malva Essence

The strength of Malva Essence lies in its delicacy. It zooms in on the small, the delicate, the tiny beauty, the sweet, the soft, the simple, the vulnerable. The essence of Malva brings you back to your true voice which is often softer than you might think.

Self Heal

Confidence in your Self Healing Powers

Self Heal Essence

The essence of Self Heal gives you confidence in your self-healing powers and insight in how to call upon them and use them.


Healing & Protection, gives strength

Yucca Essence

Helps to heal wounds on the soul and strengthens your aura. She also protects you in case of high sensitivity to circumstances or people. Helps to have more confidence.

Mrs Relax

Relaxation & Trouble Sleeping

Lavender Essence

Mrs Relax is a beautiful essence that works on general well-being. Like a wave it moves through your entire being (body, mind and soul) dissolving any heaviness on its way.

The Pyramid

Cosmic Energy

Orchis Pyramidal Essence

Pyramidal orchid essence helps to diminish forgetfulness (of memories) and brings light to all the chakras. Helps to receive cosmic messages and information and to express these through art/writing and storytelling.

Guardian Angel

Right Time Right Place

Clary Sage Essence

This essence allows you to attract the best and most positive circumstances/people/things etc. necessary to succeed in your project or healing. It serves as a guardian angel.


You have Time

Albizia Essence

Works strongly on the third eye. Albizia allows you to patiently wait for the necessary layers to unfold/appear, so that blossoming is possible. You have time...everybody blossoms at their own pace.

Slow Down

Overloaded Senses

White Begonia Essence

Are you intrinsically tired of the speed of (your) life and do you feel that your senses are overloaded? With the help of essence of Begonia you can cool down, calm down and stop. However the essence cannot do all the work.


Relaxes the Solar Plexus

Lady Orchid Essence

Supports decisions made from the heart, calms the nerves and eases discomfort

This remedy will relax the solar plexus. .


True Communication & Progress

Bronze Fennel Essence

Bronze Fennel Essence opens the throat chakra. It is an essence that helps us to listen, when it is needed and then speak clearly and concisely, to move those decisions into reality. It is a very complete essence in the realm of communication.

Fire Extinguisher

Cools down, moisterizes, makes flexible

Marsh Mallow Essence

Helps to moisturize, ease and makes us more flexible

The essence of Marsh-Mallow helps to cool down and put the fire out. It is a very grounding essence.

The Crown

Deep Connection with your Daily Life

Cardoon Essence

Harmonizes the crown chakra which goes together with firmly grounding the body. The Crown Chakra Essence can give us a beautiful broadening of the senses and a deep spiritual connection in our daily lives, while remaining firmly grounded.

The Pioneer

When you enter a new road

Bramble Essence

The essence of Rubus helps you to take steps into the unknown in a slow and grounded pace but with trust and decisiveness. It helps you to take well-considered decisions, to have an open heart but remain protected at the same time. Goes well together with Magic & Adventure Essence.


Makes Things Run Smoothly

Aloe Vera Essence

Do you feel like you’re running uphill all the time, is communication stilted, are there constantly little blockages on the road? Take some essence of Aloe Vera to help things run smoothly again or use 10 drops of Aloe Vera essence in your bath, a lovely way to soak things up.

SCF The Middle Path

Work with nature, not against it

Essence of SCF

With the help of the essence of The Middle Path you can start working together again in the spirit of creative collaboration in order to find a new balance. It is in a balanced environment, allowing each one its place, where abundance will arise.


Vitality of Water

Immortality Herb Essence

Immortality herb essence supports vitality and uses water to guide it where it is needed. Lovely to use for body, plant, animals, drinking water, aquaria and ponds.

Harvest Time

When a Door Closes, Another Opens

Autumn Daffodil

The essence of Harvest Time, while firmly grounding us, supports us with all its strength in our process of saying goodbye, to that which is ending and to embrace our emotions. But she also reminds us of and reflects the wisdom and capacities we have received during this process. The essence floods us with a sunny positivity.

Fragrant Rose Mix

Grounding and Heart Opening

Rose Mix Essence

This essence helps to keep your heart open to the world around you. The opening comes forth from a place of strength, healthy decision making, intuition and deep grounding. If you feel the need for extra protection, add Yucca Essence (Protection) to the mix.

SCF Mix Allergies

Supports your System when Allergic

SCF Allergy Mix

The Allergy mix of SCF Essences supports in an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical way and helps to arrive at a better balance and harmonization with concern to allergies. Take it regularly and for a longer time. Or carry the bottle with you during the day

First Aid Magic Salve

Good for Everything

First Aid Magic Ointment

Apply First Aid Magic Salve for skin trouble that suddenly happens like bruises, insect bites etc. It soothes and supports and takes care of the entire person. Also apply the salve on headaches or painful joints and muscles. It is filled with plant magic like calendula, comfrey and plantain. But also, oil of lavender and Prunella. Plus, first aid flower essence is added.

Soft Skin Ointment

Lovely for the Skin

Soft Skin Magic Salve

Soft Skin Magic Salve smells like roses and is a gift for the skin. Apply to all kinds of little skin trouble. The salve is filled with plant power of the pinetree, plantain, pelargonium, calendula and comfrey. Included as well is essential rose oil solar infused oil of roses, lavender and prunella. Plus flower essences of aloe vera, marsh mallow and buttercup.

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